Silver Moon Taqueria is owned and operated by Clayton Greenhalgh. Clayton is a man of many talents,
but being a fantastic chef is at the top! Clayton grew up in the restaurant business working
alongside his Mom. A few of their family businesses include The Park Cafe, Cafe Trio, Lone
Star Taqueria, Frescos and Vinto. He spent most of his childhood and teenage years in the
kitchen learning the tricks of the trade.



Because Clayton is an amazing chef at heart, he isn’t stopping at Mexcan food. Look out for his
new gourmet BBQ menu that combines American and international flavors to bring you a
fantastic Santa Fe BBQ fare!
The next time you see the midnight blue food truck rolling your way, make sure you chase him
down because it will be worth every bite!

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4455 Atherton Drive, Taylorsville UT 84123